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Below are some blogs from Class 4 pupils about this half term. no


P.E   football/tests

In September we got tested on our fitness with Mr Alsop. We were given all sorts of challenges, such as: wall sit, the bleep test and hamstrings flexibility. At playtime, he sometimes plays dodgeball with us. This week we have been playing hungry hippos with our new scooters. We have P.E with him on a Monday morning .

Also in September we found out that we would be having a new P.E teacher along with Mr Alsop . his name was Mr Thompson. He is really nice, even though he makes us do forfeits, such as: star jumps, press ups and much more . We do football with him this half term and next half term will be dance. We have P.E with him on a Thursday morning.

By Lucy and Aleix. 

In our topic work we’ve been learning about the Vikings.

In Literacy we’ve wrote some epic poems using some personification.

We learned one song about the Viking Gods and we did some drama with some of the gods [Thor, giants and hell]

In Class 4 some of us are lucky enough to be using Lexia. This helps us to improve our reading and spelling.

Jack, Keiran and Ben

Connor and Callum - We went to Caldew Secondary School for the day to make wooden animals earlier this term. We really enjoyed it and we learnt a lot. We also learnt how to make the head of the animal on the computer. Year 6 liked sanding the wood so you wouldn’t get any splinters. There outside class 4 on display for you to see!


We get a new flag from around the world each week. Throughout the school teachers set different tasks on the country based on the flag. We have had England, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Italy and the United States of America. For Germany we had to learn about the Berlin Wall. For the Australia homework we had to find out the most poisonous snake. For Switzerland we had to create our own chocolate creation. For Italy we had to find out facts about Venice. For the USA we had to find out facts about Air force 1 and the White house. Who knows where we will be visiting next?!

By: Hannah and Olivia B    frown


We enjoyed making Viking longboats. We used a big plastic bottle for the base of the boat. We covered the bottle in brown paper to make it more realistic. We put stones in the bottom of the boat to improve stability in the water. We used lollipop sticks for the oars and also to hold up the sail. Our group used an old piece of clothing for the sail. We used plastic for the seats covered with brown paper. We used card for the prow.

Max & Jak



Our favourite animals at the zoo were lemurs, meerkats and the lions . Josh’s favourite animal was the lion because it was hilarious. The rhinos were very lucky because they had a hot tub. The hotel that we stayed at was called Abbey Hotel they were very kind to use. On the first night our meal was a cheese burger, beans  and chips. The pudding we got served every night was ice-cream with chocolate in . YUM YUM!


On the 14th of October 2015, Class 4 wrote personification poems. They were all brilliant. Here is a lovely brief example of how brilliant they were:

Penny Pencil.

While she danced and rollicked and pirouetted across the long blank desert.

She was as happy as little girl playing with her dolls.

Until she slipped…

and fell to her knees

As she picked herself up off the interminable desert floor,

“Arrah” she bellowed

As she cried with disappointment

She knew what was going to happen next…

Suddenly a ginormous hand grasped her up

Tortured, the pencil’s head fell.


While she was crying with disappointment,

She got shoved,( head first) into Shane Sharpener!

Arahh! Ow! Zrr! Zrr!

Panic over! Phew!

Then was pulled out

And placed compassionately back down onto the blank desert.

She carried on dancing and frolicking and pirouetting and being happy.

Until next time…


This was written by Kate. We hope it gave an insight to what we are learning.

smileyRoald Dahl Day


A couple of weeks ago we had an exciting special day. Most of the pupils in Thursby School dressed up as a Roald Dahl character, even the teachers! There was a variety of costumes. All of Class Four drew a picture of ‘The Enormous Crocodile.’ We also did a readers theatre

were you don’t act you talk. At ten past 2 the whole school went into the hall and watched a live Roald Dahl video. When we went into the hall we all drew a picture of Mr Twit.  In assembly each class took it in turns to have a parade round the hall.

By: Ellie and Isla 


This half term, we have enjoyed French. We have learned numbers up to 40, animals and songs.

Also, we sent some wonderful letters to our pen pals in France. When our letters arrived, they wrote us some fantastic English letters back. Although we have been sending our pen pals letters, we also sent some videos.

By Leah and Abby.


This is fun maths. We find this is the best subject. In the morning, we mostly do it. We drew angles on an angle measurer. We didn’t use a protractor. We don’t use a protractor. We have also used decimal points. When adding decimal numbers, you can use column addition.

Harry and Leon


This half term we welcomed two new members to class 4. They are…. DEREK & BOB! Their cage is pink for the Year 6 boys and for Mr Colombi. Derik has red beady eyes & beige fur. Bob, on the other hand, has black beady eyes and has black and white fur. They love sweetcorn! Derek likes to sleep under the wheel. Bob is way heavier than Derek! Derek is always in the wheel (It gets really annoying). Bob loves lounging and lazing in his tiny house. When we adopted them they were only babies. Right now they are both approximately 10 cm long. Derek is the lively one as once he gets in the wheel he stays there for ages! They are cute!