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Mrs Claire Little

Head Teacher 


"I am Claire Little and I am on the Governing Body at Thursby School.  I am part of the Governing Body as I want to be able to play a part in setting the strategic direction of the school.  I have a lot of knowledge about the day to day running of the school, leadership and management, teaching and learning and pupil welfare." 


Date of Appointment - April 2014

Re-election Date - (Seconded from 1st September 2017)


Roles and Responsibilities

Member of Full Governing Body

Member of Teaching, Learning and Wellbeing Committee

Member of Finance, Staffing and Estates Committee


Attendance 15-16

100% 100% 100% 100%


Attendance 16-17

100% 100% 100%


Business and Pecuniary Interests

Brother - M Atkinson Building Contractor (with regard to any building works)

Teachers Pay and Conditions