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Mrs Kristy Johnston

Parent Governor

Elected by Parents


"As a parent in the School, with a primary teaching background, I felt the need to take an active role as a Parent Governor in 2014. I am able to share my knowledge of the primary curriculum and good practice from other schools during Governor meetings as well as monitor and support the good practice in the School. I really enjoy being part of this highly motivated team and I am proud to be part of Thursby School."


Term of office - 4 years


Date of Appointment - 16th November 2014

Re-election Date - 16th November 2018


Roles and Responsibilities

Vice Chair of Full Governing Body

Chair of Teaching, Learning and Wellbeing Committee

Member of Finance, Staffing and Estates Committee


Attendance 15-16

67% 100% N/A N/A


Attendance 16-17

83% 67% 100%


Business and Pecuniary Interests

Strawberry Cottage Landscapes (includes grounds work, fencing - Spouse's business)

Spouse, Darren Johnston - PFA Chair