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A message for class 2!

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Logging into Purple Mash

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Finding work that has been set on Purple Mash

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Finding work in the Class 2 blog

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W/C 22.6.2020 Class 2 'significant and famous people' topic

This week is national sports week. Mrs Brown has planned an exciting whole school topic around lots of different sporting challenges. Have a look on the whole school home learning page. Thank you Mrs Brown! 

w/c 22.6.2020 Book Talk Grid

New Whole School Topic! w/c 8th June 

This week, the amazing Miss Butler has prepared a 'Well-being' whole school topic to go alongside our 'Rainforest' class topic. It's brilliant, with lots of nice activities to do as a family especially if you have children in more than one class. Thank you Miss Butler!

Class topics  w/c 8th June

Us teachers know how tricky it can be working on the home learning when you have a child in different classes. To make things even simpler, each class will do the same topic but differentiate the activities to suit the age of the child. 


If you find it easier to do 'one thing at a time' then you might choose to do the class topic from one class, or only do the whole school topic which will be suitable for all ages.


w/c 1st June Welcome back everyone!

Monday 25th May - Happy Half Term everyone! 

Mrs Milburn, Mrs Carter, Miss Allen and Mr McDougall would like to wish everyone a happy half term. We are thinking of you all over the holidays.  We are also looking forward to some more exciting home learning activities after half term, but most of all we want you all to remain happy and safe. 

I would like to say a big thank you to all the hard working parents who have suddenly become teachers AND homeworkers. You’re all so resourceful, making this mighty peculiar situation into something positive, calm  and fun for our little learners. 

Most of all, I would like to say a huge thank you to all the children in class 2. You have all worked incredibly hard with enthusiasm, curiosity  and imagination. The range of photos  I have seen never fails to make me smile😊. Our little class 2 community soldiers on, whatever strange circumstances we work under. As we often say in class 2, “WE CAN DO IT!”


Please, if you haven’t used the class 2 email system to say hello - do! It’s a good way to simply say hello even if you’re not sending photos in. 

There will be no work set over half term of course, but please get in touch if you need anything whatsoever. 

Lots of love, 


Mrs Milburn 

xxx ☺️🌸🐾🪁✏️🌟🌳🌼🌞🌈🍎




Class 2 Letter 18th May

18.5.20 Whole class topic - World Environment Day - June 5th

Look what we’ve been up to! More to come...!

Monday 11th May - Letter to the wonderful class 2

Monday 11th May - A letter from Mrs Carter

Monday 4th May - letter to the marvellous Class 2

Monday 27th April Letter to lovely class 2

Any budding poets? I KNOW we do!!

Instruction letter for signing into letterjoin - PC, iPad and Kindle fire

Any budding poets? Why not enter this poetry competition on the subject of Lockdown? You may be selected to have your work published! 🤩


Encouraging reading for pleasure at home.


You may or may not know I'm a little book worm. Children gain so much for reading. It doesn't matter whether adults read to children or children read to adults, both are so important and have a huge impact on educational outcomes for children. 


Use this time, as much as you can, to read!


I posted a few links below. 

Monday 20th April Letter from Mrs Milburn


Welcome Back!

A big, warm hello from Mrs Milburn! I am missing you all very much. I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter break, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, playing games and being together with your families. It has been so lovely to hear from you, thank you to those who wrote letters! I have written back to those who wanted a reply. 


I know some of you have begun your own 'home' projects by following your own interests. I think that is wonderful, and you should keep doing that.  However, I have also created a project that I want to share with you now. It's called 'Home Sweet Home'.  Below you will find quite a few documents and I have made sure that nothing needs to be printed. Read the 'Home Sweet Home plan (page 1 and 2) FIRST. All the other documents are just there to support this two page plan. It will take you a few weeks to work through if you worked carefully. 

Please stay in touch and let me know how you're all doing using You can send me your work or pictures if you like!


Poem - Half Way Down by A.A. Milne

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Monday 30th March - letter writing challenge! PART 1

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PART 2 - How to write a fab letter! 30.3.2020

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Part 3 30.3.2020 mrs Milburn's letter

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30.3.2020 Writing a letter- teaching pictures

Live reading comprehension lesson - starts TUESDAY 31th March 10.30 -11 (Tuesday onwards daily) see link below. ***Note the date has changed from the original post

Sunday 22nd March - preparing for home learning

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Mrs Milburn will explain how to get ready for home learning.
There is a link to a live phonics session for you to watch
Mrs Milburn

Live Phonics sessions Daily! Starting Monday 23rd March 9.30am. Live streaming, don’t be late!

Possible School Closure

Home Learning Pack


To prepare the children for possible school closures, I have gathered some home learning packs for children to use. They contain activities that cover the core subjects of reading, writing and maths, with some further suggestions.


There may be further activities added to THIS PAGE if school were to be closed for an extended period of time. Please try and check the school website's 'Home Learning' page for further class communications.

Thank you so much for you're continued support, and most importantly, I wish you all to remain in good health and spirit.

From all the Class 2 team,

Mrs Milburn, Mrs Carter, Mr McDougall and Miss Allan.


Wednesday 18th March, 2020

New Home learning document - phonics


Hello everyone! 
I hope everyone is well. I have sent two phonics booklets home with children today. I will add  the documents to this page tomorrow for anyone who is already absent. All sounds have been taught once. My suggestion would be to re-cap TWO phonic sounds (i.e. two pages of the booklet) everyday.  For children who are confident READING the sounds, then ask the to spell the words. 
The below link to Geraldine the Giraffe will really help. You can search each individual sound and then play a short 2 minute video. 
I have also posted a picture for a free sign-on to ‘phonics play’ website which is full of games for each sound taught. 

You can also be creative and make it fun. Perhaps make the sounds using  salt dough, or  use a shoe-box to create a lucky dip with 5 or 6 sounds hidden in the lucky dip.  Children love water play so if you have any floating objects such as ping-pong balls or plastic milk lids, write the sounds on the items and drop them into a bowl of water. Use a spoon or mini fishing net to fish a sound out then say the sound. 

I have also sent about 5 reading books home with children today too. 


Thank you for your support, 


Mrs Milburn 

Free phonics play website sign on - online phonics games