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Class 3 Home Learning

Happy New Year Class 3! We hope you have had a lovely Christmas. Below will be a folder for home learning 2021 - click on the yellow star!


Class 3's welcome video is on purple mash - look out for it!


We hope you all have a wonderful summer break with your friends and family.

Stay safe and stay healthy and we hope to see you all in September.


Mrs Brown and Mrs Massey smiley


Below this text is an internal link to the 'Parents - Useful Information' page. It contains photos of how the school looks. If your child is in a keyworker group and returning to school, it may be an idea to look at them and familiarise your children with them. There are photos for children in both bubble 1 (nursery to year 2) and bubble 2 (years 3-6). There are also photos of the 2m distance markings on the playground and paths too. 

Class 3 Oxford Owl Free eBook Library Login Details

Want to practise your handwriting and carry on the wonderful work you had done with Mr McDougall before lockdown?


Open the document below to see how you can practise your handwriting using letter-join like we do in school.

Home Learning Activities

Monday 25th May - Happy Half Term everyone! 

Mrs Brown, Mrs Massey, Mrs Pawle and Mr McDougall would like to wish everyone a happy half term!  

We would like to say a big thank you to all the hard working parents who have suddenly become teachers AND homeworkers. You’re all so resourceful, making this rather peculiar situation into something positive, calm and fun for our fabulous learners. 

Most of all, we would like to say a huge thank you to all the children in class 3. You have all worked incredibly hard with enthusiasm, curiosity and imagination during what must feel like very strange times. The photos we have received never fail to make us smile๐Ÿ˜Š, we love seeing what you and your families have been busy with.


Please, if you haven’t used the class 3 email system to say hello - do! It’s a good way to simply say hello even if you’re not sending photos in. 

There will be no work set over half term of course, but please get in touch if you need anything whatsoever. 

We will be thinking of you all over the holidays and are looking forward to some more exciting home learning activities after half term, but most of all we want you all to remain happy and safe. 


We hope to see you all soon,


Mrs Brown and Mrs Massey

Spellings week beginning 18th May 2020


High Frequency Word Group:

our, over, place, please and pulled


All Others: - sion and -ssion (sounds like shun)

confession, percussion, mission, progression, profession and submission

A Letter for Class 3. Week beginning 27th April 2020

Rainbow Spellings Wordsearch

We hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend and had the opportunity to enjoy the sunny weather! 
This  week we would like you to use your investigation skills to complete the VE Day Challenge which you will find on the Whole School Home Learning page. 

You can also continue with the White Rose maths activities, daily reading and the English workbooks too.  We will continue to add ideas and tasks on this site so keep checking in ๐Ÿ˜Š

Have a good week everyone!

Week beginning 20th April 2020



High Frequency Word Group:

live, lived, long, looking and looks


All Others:

complete, calendar, busy, breathe, enough, through, guide and often



Before School closed we began looking at sound as our science topic. Try the sound survey activity below. REMEMBER sound travels in waves like light. Use the knowledge organiser that is also below to help you with your understanding.

Sound Survey and Knowledge Organiser

Class 3 Maths Activities


White Rose Maths


Below you will find links to White Rose Maths Home Learning for each year group.  We thought this was the best approach to weekly maths work as it has a short video for each task to help you.  It is in manageable chunks and will keep your maths brains ticking!  


The question sheet can be printed out for each task, but it doesn't have to be.  You could jot your answers on a piece of paper.


We would like you to complete at least 3 activities per week.


If you find the questions too tricky, try the activities from the year group below.


Let us know how you get on!


If you complete the White Rose activities for the Summer Term or if you have difficulties access the internet or computer, these workbooks provide a range of maths for you to try.

Class 3 Home Learning Timetable

Good Morning Class 3 ! We hope you've had a lovely Easter Break with your families and that you are all safe and well.


Here are your spellings for the week beginning 13th April 2020.


High Frequency word group:

last, laughed, let, let’s and liked


All Others:

guard, strength, breath, thought, heart, earth, length and answer


Remember to complete a different spelling menu activity each day. You could ask someone in your house to create some sentences to dictate to you like Mrs Brown does in class.


We have attached some writing booklets (below) for you to try over the next couple of week. There is a Year 3 booklet and a Year 4 booklet but you are all welcome to do both booklets. Lots of the activities are similar to what we do in class.


We will add some Maths activities later in the week for you to try.




Mrs Brown and Mrs Massey

Writing Units to begin week starting Monday 13th April 2020 - remember these should take a couple of weeks!

Hello Class 3!  We hope you are all staying safe and keeping busy.  Here is a range of tasks and questions linked to our class text, 'Boy at the Back of the Class'.  While you won't all have a copy of the book at home, we have attached Chapter 1 for you to re-read.  You will find questions linked to Chapter 1 and other activities linked to the wider text in the attached document. 


Class 3 Home Learning


The children have been given a Home Learning Pack, an exercise book and pencil each to use whilst the school is closed.


The Home Learning Pack contains Maths and English activities. The children have been asked to write the name of the activity at the top of each page along with the date in their exercise books. These should be underlined if possible.


There are copies of the Home Learning Packs below – please note there are extra pages in the online version as these were not sent home due to not being taught yet.


Mrs Brown and Mrs Massey are hoping to upload other activities for the children to complete as time goes on.


Spellings will be added to the website at the start of each week. There is a copy of the spelling menu attached below for some ideas for practising your spellings.


There is a list of educational websites that children can use to practise their Maths skills. We are hoping we can add to this over time with other activities for other areas of the curriculum.


We have also added a list of practical activities that you can try at home.


Remember you can carry on with your Ancient Egypt homework choice grid (a copy has been attached).

Spellings - Week commencing 23.03.2020


High Frequency Word Group:


its, jumped, keep, key and know


All Others:


Practise your coloured words using a spelling menu activity. They are attached below. If you can't remember which colour you are on start with red.



Ancient Egypt Homework Choice Grid

Useful Websites


Times Table Rockstars:


Times tables practise:




Twinkl: lots of resources here that are now available to parents, use code PARENTTWINKLHELPS