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Class 4 Home Learning

I hope all of you in Class 4 are managing well with the booklets I sent home last week. Remember some of these sheets are easier than others so everyone should find a challenge for themselves.

Don’t forget, the booklets below are extra. Also can you try to complete the 30 mathletics set - there has been some reported problems with the website but they are working to sort it quickly.


I have attached the final pages of Holes for you to finish reading. Once you have finished can you complete the book review attached.


I would now like you to take part in the 30 minute daily workout by Joe Wicks, it is the same activity as you sometimes completed in assembly time.

To find this is easy - go to YouTube, search Joe Wicks daily workout and you will see the video today’s date. This is updated daily.


I have come across as artist called Steve Harpster who also has a YouTube channel - draw with Steve Harpster. He models and draws some fantastic cartoons if you would like to try them.