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Class 4 Home Learning

Below this text is an internal link to the 'Parents - Useful Information' page. It contains photos of how the school looks. If your child is in a keyworker group and returning to school, it may be an idea to look at them and familiarise your children with them. There are photos for children in both bubble 1 (nursery to year 2) and bubble 2 (years 3-6). There are also photos of the 2m distance markings on the playground and paths too. 

We have decided to change the layout and activities for Home Learning which starts Monday 1/6/2020.

Please see the attached document, it is quite straightforward.

The reading, writing and Mathematics tasks are a 'different' option from what you have been completing already. You can choose which to do ... you choice is yours!

(The Learning Projects and World Environment Day are not optionally, you must complete these yes)

Maths Home Learning Work 

Please complete the daily mathematics lesson from White Rose Maths. There is a video which gives some teacher input and then poses questions for the children. This video will need paused at certain points to allow you time to answer the set questions. Once the video is finished please complete the set activity in your class workbook.

The worksheets are now attached below the links and this will now occur each week.


If the videos do not match the worksheets - then you need to click the 'Already covered this content?' and this will open a new page with the correct video links. Here is an example of where to click ...


This is an example of the page that will open when you click 'Already covered this content'. Just click the video link and you can start your work ...





If any Year 6 children have already covered the content below - email me and I will send through the alternative tasks. 

Daily English Lessons - After Easter Holidays


The lessons form the same structure as the Talk 4 Writing that we normally do in the class. There is a unit of work for both Year 5 and Year 6. These will take around two weeks to complete.


UNIT 5 -Week Beginning 6/7/2020 and 13/7/2020

Reading Comprehension

I have included a few comprehension activities for you complete as either your quiet reading time or as another activity for the day.

There is is 3 levels of difficulty so you choose which is best for you. There is also answers to check how well you have done too.

Below is the reading comprehension starters for the next couple of weeks. It takes a different cover, text or blurb from a variety of texts and poses some thought provoking questions. They will take around 15 minutes each to complete

Reading Comprehension - Starters 11/5

Reading Task - Love of Reading 18/5

Example questions for to ask their children

This document is for parents to ask their children about what they have read during quiet reading time - I hope they are useful!

Eaware -Internet Safety


I hope you are all keeping safe whilst at home especially with internet usage. To make sure, I would like you to complete the lessons Fake News, Passwords (11/5) and Gaming (18/5)

So follow the link

In Learning Pathways section, type the code - CQRUR

You will then enter the videos page - at the top of the page, select Categories and Upper KS2. Then scroll down on the right hand side and watch the video and then complete the activities below.


I have attached the final pages of Holes for you to finish reading. Once you have finished can you complete the book review attached.

Oak Academy National 

The Government have produced a website with online lessons to support teachers and pupils. It has videos, worksheets and quizzes for you to complete. If you would like to complete some foundation subject lessons then please follow the link below. This is for FOUNDATION SUBJECTS ONLY, English and Mathematics will continue as normal.


I would now like you to take part in the 30 minute daily workout by Joe Wicks, it is the same activity as you sometimes completed in assembly time.

To find this is easy - go to YouTube, search Joe Wicks daily workout and you will see the video today’s date. This is updated daily.

Coloured Spellings

I have attached the coloured spellings so that you can move onto the next colour once you have been tested on your current colours.

For those few children on 'Complete', I would like to choose ANY 10 spelling from the list, it is a long and detailed list. You need to learn these spelling and also understand, remember the definition of the word. The aim is to be able to apply these into your writing.


I have come across as artist called Steve Harpster who also has a YouTube channel - draw with Steve Harpster. He models and draws some fantastic cartoons if you would like to try them. 

A few more different learning options for you ...