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Home Learning plan Spring Term 2021

This is where you will find all the home learning plans for class 2. To make it even easier, we are placing as much as we can on Purple Mash so that you can locate everything in one place.

The daily Maths sessions will be placed directly onto Purple Mash, where you will find the 'White Rose Maths' teaching videos and worksheets. We will ensure that the work you need is placed on Purple Mash before 9am Monday weekly. 

This half term we will be using Traditional Tales to inspire our learning...will you be drawn towards the the dark forest? The tall, crumbling turrets? The colossal, twisting beanstalk which seems to be growing taller by the minute. Come with us for an exciting adventure! Our top tips this half term:

1. Never bite the red apple

2. Never take the short-cut through the woods

3. Always check the temperature of your porridge

4. Never talk to a wolf in a nightdress!

5. Always remember, Princesses CAN rescue themselves actually!

Good luck, we're right with you!


Mrs Milburn, Mr McDougall and Mrs Carter

Spring term - Learning Plan 1 w/c 6.1.2021 'Brave Rapunzel'