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FINAL UPDATE - 13/7/2020

Hi Class 4,

This is it! The last week of the academic year before summer and you all move up a year. Are any of you going away this summer for a holiday? or has the Coronavirus halted your plans? I will going to France this year again but fingers crossed Theo's passport arrives in time!!


I hope Y6 enjoyed the leavers assembly, I know the staff did! I am sorry that Y5 and the rest of the school couldn't see it but that cannot be helped with everything that is going on!

The tophies this year were given to:

Alex B - Progress award

Sofia - Contribution award.


Don't forget to collect your hoodies this week.


I hope you all have a lovely summer holiday at the end of the week! I wish Y6 all the best for their move to secondary school and I look forward to seeing how Y5 will grow into fantastic Y6s. 

Stay safe over summer - if you need anything you know where I am!

This is Mr Colombi signing off!

UPDATE 7 - 6/7/20

Hi Class 4!

Just a couple more week - 10 more school days until the Summer Holidays! Then you will all move onto the next step in your education. I hope that Year 6 have been busy working on the transition documents?! I have this week been working on organising transition work for Year 5 so that is now on the website for you to work on.


I have been busy preparing and organising the Year 6 Leavers Assembly on Zoom. It will be different to the usual leavers service in the school hall. Please if you haven't already, could you confirm if you will be attending and also send in your photos! 


At home we had a couple of friends around who played with Theo this week. He enjoyed the water tray again but his favourite activity was running around after Nell (the Black Labrador). Let's just say he slept well that night!!! smiley


Please keep working hard and I will see all of Y6 on Friday!!

Mr Colombi




Hello Class 4!

This week feels like it has been a real busy one! I hope you enjoyed the School Sports Challenge week set by Mrs Brown. I will be interested to see if Bubble 2 continued with the activities like Monday and Tuesday! I hope your stomach muscles were not too sore on Wednesday haha!


It has been a quiet week for me activity wise – I have been busy doing a lot of school work but I have still managed to get a few things done with Theo. We had our regular music lesson together. It mainly consisted of him banging the really low notes. Can you make out what he is playing? See the video!


We also visited the supermarket. Theo really enjoyed being in the trolley and he seemed to want to carry on the music lessons as he was singing all the way around. I did shop rather quickly, I must say! However, when we arrived home, Theo was extremely quiet as he was munching away on different melons


Finally, for those children who I haven’t seem for a while. Keep working hard, keep sending in your work the Class 4 email and doing your best!

Take Care

Mr Colombi



Still image for this video



Hi Class 4,

It has been another busy week! Again I was in school on Monday and Tuesday and it was great to see those children and some new faces too! We were all busy and working hard on our Home Learning. I hope you have been completing it?! If you are struggling, just send me an email and I am more than happy to help.


With the patio finished, I have had a little more free time. Theo and I ventured into Carlisle town as he needed some new shoes. We got him measured up and found his feet have grown a lot during lockdown. I must say, he really enjoyed tearing around the shoe shop and pushing his trike.


On Thursday, we brought some trains down from the loft for him to play with as he is now a little older. Theo enjoyed watching and pushing the trains through the tunnel. He needs to be a more patient when it comes to placing the train back on the track. I am sure this will come!


This week has been another milestone for him. He has now learnt to climb onto the kitchen sofa. I did get quite a shock when I realised he could do this by himself. I now have to keep an even closer eye on him!

Finally, I hope you are all still keeping safe and well. We all hope to see you soon!


Mr Colombi




Hello to all Class 4! Another week has passed but this one was a little bit different! On Monday and Tuesday I was back in school I great to see some of you in class. It has felt like such a long time! To those children who are not back yet or are unable to, please don't worry, we will all be back in class at some point in the future and normal service will be resumed!


On a personal note, I have finally finished my patio!! laugh It has taken a while but I am happy with the outcome considering that this is my first attempt at doing this kind of job! Mrs Colombi and Theo have both given it the seal of approval!


With Mrs Colombi also back at her school this week, I have had a lovely time looking after Theo, just the two of us. We have enjoyed playing with cars on the sofa which he can climb up on himself. We have been out for walks in his little trike and chilled out watching Hey Duggee!


Later on in the week, we visited Houghton Hall. We walked to the pet section and Theo enjoyed looking at and pointing at the rabbits! I wonder what we will be up to this week! Any ideas?


Keep sending in your work and the pictures of what you have been up to! 

Keep working hard and I will hopefully see you all soon!


Take Care

Mr Colombi cheeky





Another week has passed, where has that gone? 


It has been a quiet week for myself this week, with not too much to report. I did go into school on Wednesday, which I enjoyed, to help prepare the school for opening to some children. It is going to be a little different for those who are entering school on Monday. It will be fine!! I have included a picture of ow the classroom will look for you.


Over the weekend, I have been busy trying to complete my patio paving. There was actually a lot Mathematics involved - measurements and ratio. I made a mortar mix with 3 parts sand and 1 part cement so a ratio of 3:1. If I wanted to make 3 times as much mortar, how many parts sand and how many parts cement would I need? I have included a picture to show you where I am up to!


As you can imagine, Theo has enjoyed me not being in school as much. He even tried to 'help' me put the shopping away! Theo seems to be a keen gardener at the moment - he loves using our watering can to water the plants. He does have his own can but would rather use the adult version. With the little seedlings, he has enjoyed running off the plant labels - Mrs Colombi doesn't know yet! Shhh!


Anyways, I will hopefully see some of you this week back at school! For those who are still at home, keep working hard!


Take Care

Mr Colombi




Hello Class 4,

I hope you all have had an excellent half term!! Have you been out and about to different places whilst the weather has been so good recently? Please send some photos, it would be lovely to see what you have been up to. 


I have had a great half term and been really busy! I have been trying hard to help Theo count using an abacus but he has been more interested in spinning the counters - I will keep trying though!

He has also loved being in a paddling pool and splashing around 'a lot'. 


During the week, we ventured to Silloth. Again, it was lovely weather and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Theo kept racing to go into the water so I had to carry him on my shoulders!

Whilst we were there, we played with a little football. You can see in the picture, he would rather carry the ball. Maybe I should try rugby with him? laugh


Finally, in our garden, we have decided to lay a new patio! Mrs Colombi can't wait for it to be completed but it is taking me some time. I had to remove 1 tonne of plum slate, now that is tiring and heavy! You will be able to see my progress so far in the pictures. Hopefully I will be a little further on next week! Have any of you being constructing anything recently? I know that one member of the class has made a bee box out of wood from scratch! Impressive!!


I will hopefully see you soon but in the meantime stay safe and keep working hard on the home learning!! If you need help, just email me


Mr Colombi








Happy Half Term!

Hello everyone! How are you all? I hope you’re all well and keeping busy. I just wanted to  say thank you for all the hard work that you have been doing so far. I also wanted tell you about some of the things that we have been doing during lock down.

Thank you so much for all your amazing photos you’ve been sending me, I really do enjoy seeing what you have been up to. I have seen some photos of excellent pieces of work, craft activities, gardening, artist drawing and much more. 

Mrs Colombi, Theo and I have been enjoying lots of different activities whilst school has been closed. Last week, we took Theo down to Rickerby Park to see the cows and we enjoyed a nice walk along the river. The weather has been so beautiful. We also spent time in the garden planting seeds and making some small raised beds. (Theo enjoyed playing in the compost and was covered in soil!)

It would be lovely if you could send me some photos of you and the work that you have completed or you can just email to hello if you do not want to send any photos. The email address is

I will hopefully see you all soon and don't forget it is half term so work will be set next week!

Take Care

Mr Colombi