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FINAL UPDATE - 13/7/2020


Last week before the summer holidays, Class 4!


For my final letter of the term, I would just like to say I hope you all have a fantastic summer break. It’s been a very different term to what we were expecting but I hope you have all managed to use the extra time to try new things, get outside to explore and have lots of fun as well as working on your home learning. 


It was great to see all the Year 6 pupils together again at the Zoom leavers’ assembly on Friday. I loved hearing all your memories and seeing your pictures. I wish you all the very best for your move to secondary school and hope you pop in to see us again at Thursby School to let us know how you are doing. 


Happy summer, everyone!


Mrs Connolly 



UPDATE 7 - 6/7/20


Hi Class 4. 


Another week has passed by in a blink of an eye! What have you been up to this week?


I have been doing a lot of online learning this week, which has been interesting but also hard work. I imagine you all know how that feels! It's good to learn about new things though and I have enjoyed it. 


In school on Wednesday and Thursday, we were looking at the animated story, Broken - Rock, Paper, Scissors. We discussed the characters and settings then wrote our own setting descriptions from the point of view of one of the characters. Maybe you would like to have a go at doing this. Here's the link to the animation, if you would like to watch it:


On Sunday, I went to Keswick and had an interesting run around Derwent Water with some friends. As you'll know, we have had quite a bit of rain this week, so at some points, the paths and trails were under water. That didn't stop us though; we had 9 miles of water, trails and mud! Have a look at the photos below to see our adventures.


It took a while for my GPS signal to find me amongst the trees and hills round the lake, so it only started recording at the foot of Catbells, but we went all the way round. There's a video below with most of the route on it - maybe you would like to have a go one day - it's lots of fun! 


Have a good week - I wonder what this week will bring?


Take care,


Mrs Connolly



Still image for this video



Hello Class 4,


I hope you have all had another good week of learning, relaxing and having fun. 


In school this week, we have been looking at inspirational people and talking about who inspires us, whether it is someone famous or someone in our family. Who inspires you and why?


As you’ll remember from a few weeks ago, I have been trying to grow an avocado from its seed. I’m happy to say there is a little shoot coming out of the top! I doubt that I will ever grow fruit from the plant, but it will be interesting to see how it grows. 


Also, my little sad-looking hydrangea, that I bought several weeks ago, has bloomed with beautiful pink flowers. It has been a successful green-fingered week for me! 🌱🌺


On Wednesday, I had a sunset bike ride out round the Solway coast. It was stunning!


Keep sending in your photos as we love to see what you’re doing at home. 


Take care,

Mrs Connolly 




Hi Class 4!


How has your week been? Have you being doing anything interesting?


This week at school we have had a few extra faces in class, which has been lovely. Have you watched our Lockdown Limbo video? It has some great ideas of things to do when you’ve finished your school work. Some great presenting skills by your classmates in there too! 😁


We have been busy with school work in our house this week as one of my daughters was back in school for the week as well as preparing and presenting her project over Zoom. All very different to what she was expecting but it’s great that we have the technology to adapt to new ways when needed. 


I had my first swim in Crummock Water on Tuesday. It was exciting to go another of our beautiful lakes for a dip! You can see the video of my route below; if you look closely, you will see Buttermere in the distance. I also managed a swim in Derwent Water on Friday too. It was very rainy and cloudy there which was a change to sunny swims of the past weeks.


My weekend was filled with the Lakesman in Lockdown event. Saturday morning entailed a 90km bike ride and Sunday was a 21.1km run which is the distances for a Half Ironman. I loved taking part and I received a great T-shirt for completing it! 😂


Time for a rest now then onto the next challenge! What challenges have you set yourself recently?


Take care! 


Mrs Connolly 😁


Crummock Water.mp4

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Hi Class 4! Wow, that's been a quick week!


I have really enjoyed being back in school this week and it was lovely to see those of you who were in. I'm looking forward to seeing some more friendly faces over the coming weeks too. I will miss those of you who are not back before the end of term but will enjoy looking at the fantastic pictures you have been sending in of the things you've been up to.


This week, I have managed to fit in lots of running, cycling and swimming again - in fact I've swam 2km, run 33km, cycled 175km. Can you add up these distances and find out where I could have gone if I did it in one go? Which cities could I visit? There is a short video below showing one of my cycling adventures - have you been to any of these places?  Next weekend should have been the Lakesman Triathlon, which I was planning to take part in, but unfortunately it had to be cancelled due to the Covid 19 outbreak. Therefore, next weekend is the Lakesman in Lockdown event - all to be done over the weekend in your own time. I'll let you know how I get on! 


It's been a bit of a green-fingered week for me too. At the start of lockdown, I built a raised herb garden and I'm pleased to say I now have an abundance of coriander, parsley, thyme, rosemary and mint! Can you tell from the pictures which one is which? 


Around 6 weeks ago while out shopping, I saw a little hydrangea that was looking very sorry for itself - I took pity on it and decided to buy it to revive it! 😂 I have really given it lots of attention and I'm delighted to see it has started to flower! The beginnings of the petals are visible in the picture - can you see them?


My final green-fingered project this week is my continuing experiment to grow an avocado plant from its seed. It didn't do much for the first few weeks (around 5 weeks😂!) so I thought it wasn't going to work but bit-by-bit a root has grown and there is a little shoot appearing near the top of the seed too. I'm excited to see what the leaves are going to look like when they appear!


I hope you have all had a great week and please send us emails and photos of what you've been doing.


Take care!


Mrs Connolly 😊



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What a blustery week it has been, Class 4! Where has all the sunshine gone?


My week started energetically by taking part in the Carlisle Tri Club Virtual 10k run. As you know, all sporting events - and other events too - have been cancelled at the moment so the run could be done any time over the week and the money raised went to Eden Valley Hospice, which was great.


I have been reading lots of important information this week about returning to school and ensuring everything is ready for the pupils and staff who will be in. As part of this, on Wednesday, I was in school helping to set up the classroom and corridors, outside in the playground and the access paths. Have you had a look on the school website to see the changes that have taken place? I will be in next Wednesday and Thursday and I'm looking forward to seeing those of you who will be in then too.


On Friday, I bravely ventured out on my bike for a much less sunny cycle than last week's! There were lots of black clouds looming overhead, threatening to burst, but I put on my waterproof and decided to go anyway. It's fun being out in the rain, isn't it? Although, I really could have done with some window wipers on my cycling glasses at some points!


As I was cycling past lots of fields, I happened to look up and, to my amazement, it seemed I had cycled into the World of Roald Dahl - the field to the left had lots of pheasants in it. Do you know which book I was thinking of...? Yes, Danny Champion of the World! It looked just like Hazell's Wood. I wonder if those pheasants had been fed Doc Spencer's 'special' raisins? 😉 


The bird theme continued on Friday’s cycle as I also saw two birds of prey swooping across the fields up near Carlisle Airport. One of them had a vole in its mouth! I managed to take a quick photograph of it; if you look closely, you will see it dangling out of the bird’s beak. Continuing with the ‘winged’ tales, although there were no passenger aeroplanes to see at the Airport, I did see the Vulcan XJ823 Bomber, a post war British jet, which was first delivered to the Royal Air Force in 1962. It is on display at the Solway Aviation Museum beside Carlisle Airport.

Cycling gives me the opportunity to see lots of great things such as interesting wildlife and plants, beautiful views across the fells and fields, as well as finding new roads to explore. What have you been doing this week and what do you enjoy doing best?

See you all soon!

Mrs Connolly 😊




Hi Class 4! What a week of sunshine we've had for half term! I hope you've all enjoyed it.


I have had a fantastic week and really made the most of the great weather. My half term week started with baking a celebration cake for a friend's daughter's 16th birthday. I had lots of fun making it and, more importantly, she loved it! Phew!


Throughout the week, I've been out cycling around our beautiful county. We are so lucky to live in such a picturesque place. On Saturday, I saw lots of different wildlife when out on my bike including finches, oystercatchers, rabbits, hawks and even a lizard! It scurried across the road in front of me which was a surprise! Have you seen anything exciting over the week?


I've had the great privilege of swimming in Derwentwater several times this week - I was very excited as you can see in the picture! It is very important to thoroughly wash your wetsuit and other swim kit before going back into the lake, especially if it's a different lake, in order to prevent transferring invasive aquatic species between lakes. You can find out more information about it here: Therefore a wetsuit washing line is pretty normal in our house at the moment.


There have been plenty of family walks along the Eden and through Rickerby Park too, which has been fab. The lockdown has meant both my daughters are at home so we are enjoying all the extra, unexpected time together.


Look forward to hearing all the great things you've been doing this week.


Take care,


Mrs Connolly




Hello Class 4! Happy half term to you all! The sun is shining and there's lots of outdoor adventures to discover so I hope you enjoy being outside exploring and having fun.


Mr Colombi has been telling me how impressed he is with all your hard work and the fantastic photos he's received of all the great things you have been doing. Well done Class 4 - we are very proud of you all!


While I have been at home, I have been very busy in the garden and set myself little projects and challenges to do; I have built a little woodstore and a raised herb garden from old wood I had in the garden. I have surprised myself with the new skills I have learned by just having a go. What have you tried and enjoyed that you never thought you could do?


I have lots of birds and other wildlife in the garden at the moment. It's been great to watch the birds making nests, feeding their young and seeing the young birds venture into the garden to be fed then having a go at sourcing their own food too! It's given a me a fantastic opportunity to practise my photography skills, which I love. 


Hopefully I will see you all soon but until then I look forward to seeing more of the great photos you've been sending in. 


Enjoy your half term!


Mrs Connolly 😊