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FINAL UPDATE - 13/7/2020


Hi Class 4!!!


I can’t believe that we have only one week left until the summer holidays!!! It was lovely to see Year 6 this Friday and as I said during the assembly, it was a pleasure to work with you and to see how much you have achieved in the last two years that I have been working with you. Well done!

I wish you all the best in your new schools and I am sure that you will be enjoying your new teachers and making new friends.


Also well done for you Year 5.  Are you ready for your final year at Thursby school? I am sure that you will be great role models for the new Year 5 children.


This week seemed to be very long for some reason but I really enjoyed it. My peas that I brought from France 2 years ago are finally covered in flowers and I have also managed to finish my flower box, Nina helped me paint it.

I enjoyed a few walks with my family and admired beautiful Lakes, it was busy this weekend as the weather was very nice.


I would like to wish all of you fantastic summer holidays, try to rest and enjoy being with your  family. I hope that the summer will bring a lot of adventures and fun, the weather will hopefully stay nice.

Maybe some of you will manage to go for a holiday abroad? Stay safe and take care!


Mrs K


UPDATE 7 - 6/7/20


Hello Class 4!!!


I think this year went flying by and we are now in our last two weeks!!! I can’t believe it.

This week was very busy for me. We learnt about space at school and first moon launching.

Children from the Bubble 2 made fantastic solar system posters.


Julia and Nina were very excited because their horse-riding lessons resumed this week after so many months of break. We also had some visitors, our very good friends visited us today and brought lots of joy and laughter along with them. It was another good reason to do more baking.


The weather wasn’t very good this weekend so we play board games and watched Frozen 2.

We enjoyed a walk in Silloth and collected some shells and pebbles for crafts. There were lots of dead jellyfish on the beach, they were huge, about the size of football.


I am looking forward to seeing some of you during the leavers assembly on Friday.

Have a good week!!!


Mrs K




Hello Class 4!!! I hope that you are having a good time at home. It has been another very quick week for me. Monday and Tuesday went flying in school and we were very excited to welcome one new face back to school.


I knew that the weather was going to be very bad during the weekend, so we made most of it  during the week and visited some nice places. I have attached a picture from Force Crag’s mine which was the last working metal mine in the Lake District and closed in 1991. We also discovered how the water in rivers can get polluted from the waste in the mine and what they do to clean it.


Apart from walks, I helped my children with home learning. We made a plant box with Nikodem, it still isn’t finished as we have to paint it. I will add more pictures once it is finished. We used recycled wood, mainly from an old bed frame. It was fun to discuss things and share ideas too. I think the outcome isn’t bad, especially since I still have all my fingers after all the sawing and drilling!


I am sure that you have all grown a lot during the lockdown, my children have been complaining that they have sore toes during our walks in the Lakes. So this week we went to get some new walking boots. I was a bit worried because I haven’t been shopping with my children since March and it’s a very different experience now, but I must say that it was very positive and everything is very well organized and safe in shops, a little like in our school.


As the weather has been quite wet, lots of weeds have been growing in our garden, so I had to get rid of them all. Whilst I was doing so, I discovered that I have potatoes growing in lots of different places. I haven’t planted them this year, so it’s a bit of a mystery to me. They have been growing in three places, one in my oregano, one in my chives and the other one next to my raspberry bush. I wonder if they will be all different flavours, ha ha!!! Can you spot those plants on the pictures?


Around two years ago I brought some sweet pea seeds from France and waited patiently, but they didn’t flower last year. I think this year’s weather is a totally different story and as you can see from the picture it won’t be long now until some flowers start to grow, I can’t wait! I wonder what colour they are going to be.  Have you ever waited for something for a very long time? I have learnt again that it is worth waiting for things and to be patient.


And finally as the weekend has been a rather stormy one, we ended up baking and doing things around the house, as well as playing games. I hope that you are all having a good rest this weekend and are looking forward to all the new things you are going to do this week. I wish you a lot of energy and good spirits for the week ahead and I am looking forward to seeing some of you again!



Mrs K smiley




Hello Class 4!!! Another week went flying by. I enjoyed working in school on Monday and Tuesday. It has been lovely to see some more people this week, but also at the same time I was thinking about those who are still learning from home and for different reasons will be not able to be in school. I hope that you are well and enjoying to read our updates.


Two days went by so quickly again, we enjoyed learning about oceans and bioluminescence. The children made their bioluminescent sea creatures, did you have a go making them at home? I hope you will send some pictures to Mr Colombi, so we can all admire them. Nikodem made one too, but he left it in the garden and when we came back from a walk it was ruined because of the rain.


The beginning of this week was very hot as you remember and caused a thunderstorm in the afternoon. I enjoyed sitting on my doorstep and looking at the rain, it was very calming. I wonder what things you do to relax. I don’t know if you ever noticed the smell of the air after the storm, it’s very fresh and uplifting.


This week I also enjoyed the fresh sea breeze in Silloth and went for a lovely walk on the beach. The children got on with making things and collecting shells. They made a woven fence with driftwood and grass. You can see some pictures of it below. Once we came back to the car, Nina took her shoes off as she wasn’t very comfortable with all the sand in them. You can imagine the state of the car!


This weekend, I have been enjoying my walks in the Lakes and have attached some pictures from Coledale Valley near Keswick. It is a lovely and quite flat and easy walk with some beautiful views. You can always spot lots of wildlife, especially birds, on those kind of walks. We saw some robins, blue tits, birds of prey and even ravens. Birds of prey hunt there and you can easily spot them diving into the grass like lightning.

I wonder if you have any wild birds coming in your gardens. Have you spotted any regular visitors? Are you able to list five or maybe even ten different species of birds? We have lots of starlings and they are nesting in the attics on our estate. Apart from the birds, we have some bumblebees who made a nest in the guttering even though Nikodem has built a beautiful hotel for them. I attached some pictures.


That’s all from me for now, I wish you all a wonderful week and I am looking forward to seeing some of you again soon. For those working at home, keep working hard and please send some photos of your work to Mr Colombi so we can all enjoy looking at them.


Mrs K




Hi Class 4!


How was your week? Was it busy? Mine was, but it also went very quickly and we can enjoy the lovely weekend and the sunny weather again!


I was back working in school on Monday and Tuesday this week and it was absolutely lovely to see some of you again. You have done so well and you haven’t let anything stop you from having fun.

I am very impressed with your attitude to work and behaviour. Well done!

The rest of my week went flying, I did the usual things, home schooling and other essential jobs.


You have been learning about the rainforest and deforestation this week. I just thought to share with you something I did weeks ago. I brought home some twigs and put them in the soil in my garden, I didn’t think much of it. But after so many weeks, some of the little twigs have leaves and I think that there is a very good chance of trees growing out of them. You can see one of them on the picture I attached. I wonder if you have ever grown any plants?


After a very busy week I was really looking forward to the weekend and our family walks. We went to Dodd Woods near Keswick, which was bursting with swarms of bumblebees buzzing over foxgloves and raspberry bushes. I have noticed that in the thick parts of the forest, the floor was bare and empty due to the lack of light, I have attached some pictures of the forest too. I think it is similar in the rainforest about which you have been learning this week.


We also went up a mountain called Robinson, which is near Buttermere. There were some amazing views there and a beautiful waterfall. Nikodem has built a replica of Stonehenge, I rather like it, I hope it will stay there until our next trip. Nina made a lovely picture for me on a piece of slate, I had to carry it all the way down to the car.


I am looking forward to seeing some of you in school on Monday and Tuesday. Thank you for all the great pictures you have been sending to Mr Colombi. I really enjoy looking at them, you are all so talented!


Have a good week and enjoy the sun!


Mrs K




Hi Class 4!!! I hope you continue to enjoy the wonderful weather!


This week was very different for me. I was back at school to get it ready for you. Have a look on the school website if you haven’t already. We have worked very hard and I even had my hands painted over with spray paint! Luckily, I was wearing gloves.

There is a nice surprise for you on the school yard too! A brand new number square.

I will see some of you in school this week, I will be working Mondays and Tuesdays.


I would like to share that I enjoy looking at the pictures you send for the school website, you are all working so hard – well done!


A huge well done to Cody, who has been completing the work Mr Colombi has set and the extra activities that I have been sending her! Thank you for your fantastic attitude to learning and keep up the good work!


Apart from working in school this week, I was busy helping my children with home learning, I went running, just for exercise. We also went for few walks in the Lakes and had to push one of our cars out of the driveway as it wouldn’t start after so many weeks of not being used. In the end it needed a new battery. Good job that other car started!


While on the walk to the beautiful Bowscale Tarn we heard a cuckoo, Nina was very excited as it was the first time she had heard one. I wonder if you have spotted any interesting animals this week. I would love to see some pictures.


Also, my children are very enthusiastic with our new keyboard – especially Nina – they are learning to play on it, while I am learning to survive the noise! But hopefully, in the future, we will enjoy singing and playing together. Maybe some of you have started to learn new things, it can be difficult at the beginning, but if you keep trying, it will be worth it!


I have painted some of the pebbles we brought from Rose Castle, Nina loved it. I had to wash them in order to paint on them as some were quite dirty. We used acrylic paints, they are water resistant once dry. I am going to put them in my garden to cheer me up.



Take care and stay safe!


Mrs K




Hello Class 4!!! I hope you are all enjoying the wonderful weather this half term! Aren’t we lucky?

I am looking forward to see some photos of what you have been exploring, building, making, reading… Please keep sending them to Mr Colombi.


I have been learning lots of new things during this half term. Also we went on a few trips and I started reading a new book. My daughter, Julia, recommended The Beast of Buckingham Palace by David Walliams.

I wonder what interesting books you have been reading?


I have learnt to skim stones and practised during our trips to the Lake District. Scales Tarn is a very good place to do it! I also admired starfish which we found in a rock pool at St Bees beach.


Do you remember my tadpoles? They have now grown their front legs and seem to be enormous for our little pond. Luckily, my very good friend from Wigton has offered to give them a new home in her garden pond so I am sure they are very excited!!!


We also went for a walk by the river next to Rose Castle. I collected some stones for my new pebble painting project. While we were walking to the car, one of the cows started to chase us, luckily I didn’t drop any of my stones!!! 

I will add some more photos of my new project soon!!!


And finally we will be getting the school ready this week for you all. I am hoping to see you all soon!



Mrs K  smiley




Hello Class 4!!!  I hope you are enjoying half term. The weather is glorious and the nature is buzzing with life.


I have enjoyed looking at the photos of your work on the school’s website. You have been very busy and creative with your learning. A huge well done to you all!!!


I have been very busy during the school closure too. I have been helping my children with their learning, we have enjoyed baking, cooking and making things together.


One of my projects was upcycling an old chair. I think it’s very important to do what we can to save our planet. I believe that giving a new life to old things instead of throwing them away is one of them.

I hope that you like my ‘new’ chair. :)


We also went for few bike rides. On one of them we went to Rose Castle where we had fun learning about the history of the castle. I couldn’t believe that it has been burnt so many times!


My favourite part of each day has been a family walk when I could enjoy exploring a beautiful country walk around Thursby village and it has been lovely to see some of you with your families.


During one of our walks we found some frogspawn. We brought it home and made a little pond. After few days little creatures hatched and now, 8 weeks later, they look like tadpoles and have grown back legs. It has been very exciting to watch how they change daily and I think that they are enjoying living in our little pond.


I also enjoyed few walks in the Lake District and spotted some wild animals, ravens, woodpeckers and lizards.


What about you? Have you been enjoying exploring the nature this spring or maybe you have managed to recycle some old things and give them a new life?


I am hoping to see you all after half term meanwhile enjoy the sun and have some fun!


Mrs K :)