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Safeguarding at Thursby School is first and foremost at the centre of our school and our local community. We pay due diligence to ensuring all pupils are safe and secure within our school. We work with families to maintain strong positive links and develop every aspect of a child's life. 


Staff are very vigilant and have professional curiosity towards keeping children safe.  All staff refreshed their Level 1 training with Safehaven (Accredited Provider) September 2021 


We, at Thursby School, offer your child a safe, happy, nurturing environment, where children's wellbeing and safety are at the forefront. 


Please take time to view our Child Protection Policy and our parent leaflet within this section of the website. 



Our Safeguarding Team

Thursby Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. 


Our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL):

Mrs Jayne Williams (Headteacher)

The role encompasses leading everything that is safeguarding from Child Protection to school site safety of pupils; from recruitment to developing staff knowledge. 


Qualifications:  Level 2 and Level 3 -Safehaven- June 2021 

Safer Recruitment - Kym Allan-  23.06.2021 and NSPCC 2020

Level 1- Safehaven 01.09.2021 

Prevent- Train the Trainer  completed 2019

Prevent- Channel Awareness refreshed 29.06.2021

NGA Governor Safeguarding module-May 2021 

Ongoing online module training  through CSCP 


Our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL)

Mr Dave Colombi (Assistant Headteacher)

The role is to support the DSL and act in the absence of the DSL for safeguarding. This includes but is not limited to: Early Help, Operation Encompass, pupil safety, site security.


Qualifications: Level 2 and Level 3 -Safehaven- 2019 

Safer Recruitment -Safehaven- 2020 

 Level 1 Safeguarding-Safehaven- 01.09.2021

Prevent- Channel Awareness

Ongoing Online Modules through Cumbria CSCP


Our Designated Governor for Safeguarding:

Mrs Liz Craig

*The role is to support, monitor and challenge DSL/DDSL  to ensure the effectiveness of safeguarding remains very robust and ensure systems and procedures in school are in place and followed consistently.



Annual Level 1 training refreshed- annually 

Ongoing online modules training  through CSCP 

Level 2 Safeguarding in Education  05.09.2020

NGA Governor Safeguarding module 11.10.2021





Our designated Child Looked After Teacher 

Mrs Jayne Williams (Headteacher)

The role of Designated Teacher is to lead and follow the procedures for pupils who are in the Local Authority's care. 


Our designated Mental Health leader 

Mrs Jayne Williams 

The role is to lead and support wellbeing and mental health within school. Mrs Connolly leads pupil wellbeing focused interventions and Mrs Brown is the staff wellbeing co-ordinator. 


Online Safety Co-Ordinator 

Mr Simon Townsend (Year 2 class teacher)

supported by Jayne Williams 



Operation Encompass 

Thursby School participates in Operation Encompass. This means that any Domestic Abuse incidents that occur at home and are logged with the police, school will be informed of within 24 hours.  This information will be given to the school's safeguarding team only (DSL- Jayne Williams or DDSL- Dave Colombi in DSL's absence).  The information allows school to keep their duty of care to the child in school at a level they may need after a domestic abuse encounter. For example: child may be tired, not eaten well, not dressed correctly in school uniform etc due to the home incident. 

Parent leaflet-Safeguarding of everyone- September 2021 to August 2022

Other relevant documentation for parents/carers can be found online through the Department Of Education website (DFE)


Every Local Authority has an independent local safeguarding children partnership. Cumbria has a dedicated Children's 'Cumbria Safeguarding Children's  Partnership' (Cumbria CSCP ) website. The Parents and carers can access this site to gain information regarding information of their arrangements, their vision and values alongside the numerous documents and information it holds to support families. 


Please check out our 'Parents' section on this website for 'Useful Links' to other relevant documentation.