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VE DAY PROJECT Challenge 1

Thank you to all the children who have already completed Challenge 1 of the VE Day Project.  It has been lovely seeing your work and learning some new facts about WW2!  Well done.

What a wonderful array of facts and information! I have read through all of the work you have done and I've learned lots that I didn't know about WW2. Great work everyone.

Lovely WW2 research Harry!

Thank you for sending this Erin and Alex

Some more super work from Class 4

Thank you for this emotional account Nikodem.

Fraser spoke to his Grandma and asked her lots of questions about his great grandma and great grandad. Fraser was very interested to hear his great grandad was an ambulance driver for the medics and served in France. His great grandmother loaded the cameras in the planes for taking the aerial images of Germany.

Luke, Thank you for this wonderful fact file about your Great Grandpa and his Fijian roots.

Lincoln's Fact File about his Great Grandad Harry.

A great piece of family history and research Spencer, well done!

Thank you for this family research Hannah

Yasmin's VE Day Project. Thank you Yasmin!

Kieran and Thomas's wonderful VE Day fact file

Addi's has written about her Great Grandad who was an Officer in the 3rd Parachute Battalion!

Thank you for this super fact file Jasmine

This is Poppy's Gas Mask Fact File. Great work.

Thank you Emily and Henry for this lovely information about your Great Grandma!

Macey's VE Day Family Research

A Profile on Granda Barry by Frazer & Daisy

Tabby's VE Day Challenge 1

A Local History Study by Ethan.

Olly's colourful fact file

Here are three documents which contain fantastic, well researched and carefully presented fact files.

What was it like wearing this gas mask Levi?

A Local Study of Wiggonby Airfield by Abigail.

Thank you for these super fact files Rosie!

Cody's red, white and blue facts!