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Learning and Growing Together

Class 4


I hope you have all enjoyed the summer holidays and will great to see you all back at school ready and eager to learn. 


Attached below is a letter about the routines and expectations for the coming year.


If you need any further information please just contact me anytime via the main office or the class email

Below is the long term overview for the coming academic year...

Welcome to Class 4


Spring Term 2020

This half term we will be learning about National Parks with a focus on Yosemite. We will learn the physical and human features of the park. United Utilities will also be completing a water workshop

As a class we are very excited about this half term!


Animal Classification

We looked at Carl Linnaeus and how he classified plants and animals. He separated then into 7 sections and we learnt a mnemonic to remember the order:

kids, prefer, chocolate, over, fresh, green, salad.

we also created our own classification with wolf in the species section to start it off. The class each drew an animal to fit into the classification.

Yosemite National Park - Sequoia Tree collage

Forest Schools - Here are some photos of the things we have completed!

NSPCC - Anti-Bullying workshop (this was part of our Kindness Week)

Life Bus Visit

Discovery Museum Workshop - Newcastle

Mini First Aid Kids

Some examples of what types of food we eat

Friday 1st February 

Class 4 had a workshop, led by Dolce, on how to prepare a typical meal. We compared the nutritional information of a supermarket chicken curry and one that is made in our own school kitchen.

We were amazing at how much healthier the curry made from fresh, the basic ingredients needed and what supermarkets actually put in their food. 

Below is a comparison 

Photos with Dolce making our chicken curry