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At Thursby School we strive to build a reading for pleasure culture amongst pupils and our whole school community. In 2019 Mrs Milburn joined the 'Teachers' as Readers' research group led by  Prof. Tereasa Cremmin of the Open University and UKLA. The aim of the project is to share research based 'best practice' around reading for pleasure. The impact is to improve teachers' knowledge and experience of literature in order to help them increase childrens' motivation and enthusiasm for reading.  We want to build a school of socially engaged and self-motivated readers. 

In 2020 Mrs Milburn established a 'Teachers' reading group' (TRG) to share the research practice to improve classroom practice. Teachers from across Cumbria have joined the group which is now in it's second year. The group works through the following areas:

1. Reading aloud

2. Social reading areas

3. Independent reading

4. Book talk and making recommendations


Below is a link to how you can promote reading for pleasure at home: