Primary School

Learning and Growing Together

Tasks - a little reminder of the set tasks

Here is a little reminder of the tasks explained in the video...


Task 1:

Dress to express!!! 

Dress up in something that expresses who you are  



Task 2:

Draw your feelings.

Draw an outline of a body. Fill the space with words and pictures to express how you are feeling. If you feel happy enough to share your feelings, send a picture to your class teacher.


Task 3: 

Choose a mini project from the above menu. 


Task 4:

Send photos of your mini projects to your class teacher. Give a brief explanation of why you chose the project. 


Give your project a smile rating: 

  1.  Your project put a tiny little smile on your face.
  2. Your project put a little smile on your face.
  3. Your project put a medium sized smile on your face.
  4. Your project put a BIG smile on your face!
  5. Your project put an ENOURMOUS smile on your face!!!!!