Primary School

Learning and Growing Together

Autumn Term

Design & Technology


LI: To create a mechanism to hold and move water.

Did you know that a shaduf is used to move water from rivers or lakes onto land?


The children have designed, made and evaluated their mechanisms. One of their aims was to ensure that the mechanism was strong enough to hold water. The children thought of lots of different ideas on how they could strengthen their products to fit the purpose. The children thoroughly enjoyed using clay to create their buckets and to join their wood pieces together!



LI: To use sentences of 3 to describe.


The children have been working on information texts based on trolls. One of our aims was to tell the reader as much as we could about the troll so we looked at using sentences of 3 to describe. The children thought of lots of adjectives to describe different features of a troll and then we worked together to turn these ideas into sentences of 3.