Primary School

Learning and Growing Together

Autumn Term

Space - Design and Technology

As part of our unit on Space. We have designed and made our own Solar Systems using a variety of materials.

There were many stages to this finished model. We had to think about what we wanted to make and our design specification. We then had to discuss what materials we could use for our 2 different design ideas. We then created our final design and made our product.

Upon completion we reviewed our product against the design specification to see how successful the model was and thought about what was best about the model and what we could have improved on.

A very detailed and thorough project - well done Class 4. Here are some examples of the finished models - we hope you like them!

Our Solar System

UK Parliament workshop

In Class 4 we participated in a Parliament workshop where we learnt about The House of Lords and The House of Commons. It was interesting to find out how laws and bills are passed.

Here are a few photos of the workshop…


Star Constellation Workshop 

We we’re lucky enough to have Dennis from the Cockermouth Astronomy Society come and talk to us about his vast knowledge of space, stars and galaxies. He is very interesting in taking pictures of them and showed us some of the pictures he took.

Thanks Dennis, we really enjoyed it!