Primary School

Learning and Growing Together

Spring Term

A busy start to the new term with loads of new learning taking place.

In Science, we have been learning about properties of materials. We have looked at how to separate different solids, liquids and gases, for example, salt + water + sand through different processes. We learnt that the processes needed for this example would be filtration and evaporation. We have learnt new vocabulary too, for example, solution, mixture, dissolving and saturated.

Here are some photos of our class looking at this unit of work and trying to show the new vocabulary learnt.


In the Science unit, we carried out a Science investigation (SC1) to look at which material was the best insulator. To the amazement of all the children - felt was the best insulator. Most children hypothesised that it would have been the tin foil. 

When writing our conclusion, we looked at why felt was the best insulator. We learnt that felt in made up tiny fibres that are overlapped on top of each other. This made it difficult for air to pass through any gaps in the felt. It acted like a vacuum (no air could pass through).

We had a fantastic time widening our learning on the Romans. We visited both the Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda where we learnt some new information about this period in time. 
We were all so excited to see Hadrian’s Wall and some of the mile forts ruins that were still standing.

Roman Army Museum and Vindolanda visit

Here are our Roman Sandals that we designed and made using various stitches