Primary School

Learning and Growing Together

Summer Term


LI: To record data in a bar chart.

Collective Worship

This half-term we have been focusing on positivity. Take a look at our positive affirmations.


LI: To develop our understanding of time.

We have enjoyed using the clocks to help with our learning about time.

Art & Design

LI: To use sketchbooks to record and sketch observations from real life.


We went outside into the wild area and took on the role of Henri Rousseau as he used the gardens and surroundings for his art work. We noted leaf, grass, tree and petal shapes and sketched in our sketchbooks.

Design & Technology

We began the unit by researching existing products and researching what couscous is and where it comes from. We then developed our food preparation skills and learnt how to use equipment safely. We then designed our final products and decided what ingredients we would use and linked it to the Eatwell guide. We then made our final products and best of all we got to eat them! Most of us hadn’t tasted couscous before and we were surprised how much we enjoyed the dish! Look at our final products.

Design & Technology

LI: To develop our food preparation skills and to develop our understanding of the Eatwell guide.


We were lucky enough to have a visitor called Amanda come in to help us develop our food preparation skills. We made bread so we developed our kneading, measuring and weighing skills! We then linked our learning to the Eatwell guide.

Design & Technology 

LI: To develop our food preparation skills.


We learnt how to grate, peel, spread and cut carefully.

Music visitor 

We have been lucky and have a visitor teaching us how to sing and use different instruments.

Active Maths

LI: To add money.


We went on a Maths hunt in small groups around the school grounds. We had to find 8 envelopes with 8 questions based on adding money. We had to work together in teams to solve the questions and some of the questions involved reasoning and problem solving! We had lots of fun!!


LI: To label parts on a human skeleton.

We enjoyed labelling the class skeleton!