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Bright Stars Project

Class 4 will be participating in an exciting 8-week mini competition designed to introduce children to leadership, entrepreneurship and the world of business from a young age whilst building confidence and self-belief in children as they showcase hidden talents along the way.

The scheme has been running for 8 years and is a great way for businesses and schools to forge ongoing links and help organisations develop their own staff in the process. This year the project focusses on ‘making a difference’. The children, with support from their business mentors, will have 8 weeks to lead a digital campaign on an issue that matters most to them or something they want to make better in their local communities. This year there are over 50 Cumbrian schools participating in the Bright Stars Project.

Our school has been linked with The North Lakes Foodbank’s Stuart Christian. He will be sharing his expertise in business in which the children will be able to learn and apply these business skills.

Class 4 have decided on the theme of ‘Green’ and making a difference in the community. There will be exciting events occurring during these 8 weeks so please look out for further information in due course and any support would be most welcome.

Welcome to Thursby Primary School’s Bright Stars Project Page!

WEEK 1 – 4/5/2021 TO 9/5/2021

This week we have been extremely busy starting this project. Firstly, we had a video call with other school and the MP Mark Jenkinson. He gave us many insights into his job role and we enjoyed having the opportunity to ask him some questions. Here are some of the photos from the meeting…

On Tuesday of this first week, we had our meeting with Stuart from the North Lakes Foodbank. With his super support, we brainstormed ideas to help ‘make a difference’ in the community. Many of us designed a logo and group name – there were some excellent, imaginative ideas but here was the winner …

Also in the meeting, we presented these to Stuart who gave use some excellent feedback to improve the initial ideas. Again, here are some photos of the presentations.

Here are some minutes from the meeting to show what we discussed…

Minutes – BS wk1

Finally, here is a video update about how the ideas will ‘make a difference’ in the community…



WEEK 2 –  10/5/21 TO 17/5/21

We thought last week was busy!! It has been a jam-packed week with all of the groups trying to make progress on their projects so we can run with them to make a difference in the community!

On Tuesday this week, we had another meeting with Stuart from the Foodbank in which we shared how the green non-uniform day was going to work. Each group shared their progress with their ideas and he gave us suggestions to further improve these. Here are some pictures of us working on our projects, creating this week’s newsletter and prepare our letters to send to company’s to see if they can help etc.


Friday – our Green Non-Uniform day!!!!! The whole school took part in this event. The idea was to ‘make a difference’ to the community, in particular the Foodbank in our area. We held an assembly at the beginning of the morning and some pupils in our class explained the reasons for dressing in green and for bringing in the food so that everyone could understand.

Here is a copy of the letter that we created to send out to parents!


Here are some photos from the assembly and all the food that was collected!



Here are some minutes from the meeting to show what we discussed…

Minutes – BS wk2

Finally, here is a newsletter update about the green non-uniform day and letters to difference company’s to see if they can help us out…

Newsletter Wk2

Week 3 -  17/5/21 to 24/5/21

This week has brought us our first real sight of 'making a difference'. Stuart visited our school to come and collect all the food tins for the foodbank, these will then be distributed into the community. Here are some photos of us all enjoying taking the tins to his van for transporting...


We have been sending letters and asking local businesses to see if they can provide anything to help us with our project. Here is the letter that we sent to Dalston Aggregates... They provided us with 1 tonne! Yes, 1 tonne of topsoil for our planters!!


Crofton Plants were giving out surplus vegetables plants so our Business Manager, Mrs Shaw, decided she would help too by going to collect them to help out The Green Beans!


One of the member of the community, Mr Johnston - Strawberry Cottages - very kindly made us 3 planters for our vegetable plants. These vegetables will be grown in the planters and given out to the local community.


Here are the photos of us moving the soil into the planters and the vegetable plants all planted up...


Here are some minutes from the meeting to show what we discussed...

Minutes - BS wk3

Finally, here is a newsletter update about the green non-uniform day and letters to different company's to see if they can help us out...